3 activities that bring you peace and calm

3 activities that bring you peace and calm

26 April 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

It is a real challenge to stay calm and serene in these times disturbed by anxieties, fears, the need to always meet the expectations of family or society.

A first step towards calm and inner peace is to stay in touch with your own reality, without being manipulated by the fears and opinions of others. Most of the time, you inadvertently take over the worries and anxieties of those around you, even if you have no direct connection with their problems and conflicts. Detachment is very important!

What you can do to regain your peace and quiet:

1. Walk in nature or through the city

Beyond the breathing exercises you can do in nature, the earth connection is wonderful: "grounding" and "earthing". While earthing refers to physical grounding, grounding is mental, emotional and spiritual grounding.

Nature has many beneficial effects on health: it strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, alleviates depression, dispels frustrations, builds feelings of happiness and self-reconciliation.

If walking in nature is not easy for you and you prefer the city, look for a quiet and bohemian corner of your town, with a beautiful architecture, and let yourself be enveloped by the poetry of that place. Stroll through the streets you have never been to before, dine at a chic restaurant, indulge in a glass of good wine, and you will see how your worries and fears will no longer be so overwhelming.

2. Listen to music

Studies show that music connects with a person’s nervous system, brain function, blood pressure and heart rate, but also with his limbic system, which includes feelings and emotions.

If you listen to relaxing music, your body will vibrate in the same rhythm as the sounds you hear, helping you to relax completely. Your brain will release more endorphins, substances responsible for enhancing the feeling of happiness, and thus you will feel better, happier and calmer.

3. Make positive statements

"I give up all the things I can’t control. I find peace in the present moment, waiting for the universe to show me the way forward. "

"I keep myself together even when the world around me is chaotic and everything seems out of control. I know that will pass. "

"My soul is full of positive energy and nothing can change that."

"I’m patient because I know the universe has a beautiful plan for me."


3 activities that bring you peace and calm
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