Revive the passion in your relationship!

Revive the passion in your relationship!

29 May 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

You love and you know that you are loved, but still feel that something is missing? If the fluttering passion from the beginning has turned into a weak fire and the relationship is starting to cool down, it’s time to warm up the atmosphere a bit.

Depending on our emotional history, being affectionate as a couple comes naturally or is, on the contrary, a clumsy, difficult exercise in which we do not find ourselves. We say, "This is not for me, I am not cheesy type" but then we watch sadly and helplessly as love cools and, in some cases, dies. The lack of tender gestures does not necessarily mean the lack of love, but only a brake on the expression of feelings. With willpower and a little exercise, tenderness is learned.


Take the initiative!
Telling your partner that you would like more affection from him can be a risky approach. Your confession can be taken as a reproach or, worse, as an offense. You wouldn’t want to make a situation worse, but how can you gently encourage your loved one to love you the way you need to? The answer is simple: take the initiative. Be the way you want him to be, learn to give what you want to receive. Insufficiently pampered women tend, psychologists claim, to become stiff, bitter couple partners. Don’t fall into this trap, especially if you know your husband loves you. Show him how it’s done!


Healing touches
When the number of tender touches decreases, the temperature of love also tends to go down and you realize that from passionate lovers you have turned into roommates, perfectly organized, but unable to find the peace of the moments spent only in two. So take advantage of any moment that physically brings you closer, and act accordingly: in the morning, when you leave, give him a goodbye kiss. Same when you meet again in the evening. When he has to fix the sink, play with his hair. As you talk to him, touch his arms. When sitting at the TV, take his hand. You will thus notice, little by little, the beneficial, heat-generating effect of the tender touches.


The entourage warms the landscape
The way in which your relationship evolves depends very much on external stimuli, on the beneficial or, on the contrary, harmful presence of those around you. The following advice will sound quite cynical, but sometimes it’s good to put your own good first: avoid meetings, parties and outings with dysfunctional couples, especially when you feel that not everything is sweet and sound in your own home. No matter how good your friends are, no matter how many things have connected you in the past, to be around couples who argue non-stop, who say unpleasant words to each other or barely speak to each other can affect your own relationship. Instead, look for the company of couples of friends who truly love each other, who give you good energy, who are serene and loving and from whom you can (re)learn to affectionate.


Revive the passion in your relationship!