5 ideas for a romantic bath

5 ideas for a romantic bath

9 February 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

On Valentine’s Day, what could be more appropriate than a romantic candlelit bath with a champagne in a shaker and a declaration of love on your lips?

Sure, any day can be a day of celebrating love, but why not take advantage of a special day dedicated to Cupid to rekindle the fire of passion in the couple and to remind the loved one of our feelings? Here are five ideas for a successful bathroom for two!


1. If we were to make a list of the weapons of seduction with a guaranteed result, it would include the following: sexy lingerie (we have time all year for fluffy pajamas!), scented candles that we can light all over the house, starting with the hallway and to the bathroom, for a romantic atmosphere, bath foam and fragrances that we add in the bathtub, a pleasant fragrant oil to use for massage and, of course, champagne - because we have to celebrate love, don’t we?

2. The evening can start with a romantic dinner, preferably prepared by you two together, or it can be your surprise for the loved one.

3.Continue relaxing in the bathtub full of foam, for an extra extrasensory pampering, in which you can add bath milk and a few drops of essential oils. The scent of roses is always a good idea and it will miraculously disconnect you from everyday thoughts and worries!

4. You can replace essential oils with bath balls which contain mineral salts and aromatic oils with anti-stress and detoxifying effect, plus it leaves your skin velvety and ready for caresses.

5. And of course, after a super relaxing bath, a mutual massage could perfectly complete the romantic surprise! And don’t forget the music. Silent jazz songs or your the most beloved melodies can be the perfect repertoire!

Don’t forget the sweet words of love, even if you say "I love you!" every day. The moment is a special one and requires a special declaration of love! So, take advantage of Cupid’s energy and remind your partner how you feel about him!


5 ideas for a romantic bath