How shower oils beat dry summer skin

How shower oils beat dry summer skin

12 July 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

How shower oils beat dry summer skin

During the summer, the skin dehydrates more being exposed to solar radiation, sea salt water or chlorine pool water. Luckily we have the shower oil as skin’s saviour!

Hydration starts in the shower! Dry and irritated skin can react negatively to the seemingly harmless natural soap, and shower oil gives the skin a feeling of relaxation and comfort with each wash.

But what is shower oil?

Well, shower oil is a unique liquid soap that gives your skin the hydration and softness it needs. It is an innovative product that combines the properties of a cleansing gel with those of a moisturizing lotion.

Unlike regular shower gel, shower oil contains essential oils - olives, avocado, jojoba and wheat germ, plant extracts that protect the skin from the effects of external agents and rehydrate it.

It is also enriched with Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and vitamins A, E.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants with a protective and moisturizing role. A valuable component of olive oil is vitamin E, a nutrient that restores the health of the skin affected by inflammation, acne, psoriasis or sunburn and, very importantly, has a pronounced anticancer effect.

Avocado oil and wheat germ extract help to regenerate the skin, and jojoba oil keeps it velvety. Avocado oil contains essential lipids (oleic, palmitic, linoleic acid), vitamins A, D, E and has an extraordinary ability to deeply nourish the skin.

Ideal for dry skin

Shower oil is also wonderful when we have dry skin, but also when the skin needs extra hydration! An intake of vitamins and nutrients is always welcome!

Shower oil rich in natural oils respects the needs of sensitive and dehydrated skin and creates a protective barrier against the factors that can harm it.

Interestingly, although it is called “oil”, this cleanser has a velvety texture, but non-greasy, and the skin remains perfectly clean, without an oily film after use, only smooth and hydrated!


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