What kind of friend are you, depending on your zodiac sign

What kind of friend are you, depending on your zodiac sign

18 August 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Some say that friendship is even more important than love, and that the second cannot exist without the first. But do we know how to be true friends? Let’s see what the zodiac says!


Direct and impulsive, an Aries is not the person to give you a shoulder to cry on, hoping to hear what you need to hear. So if you need a friend to humor you, don’t search his phone number. But put it on your list when you feel like having fun or when you need to hear the truth, no matter how cruel it may be.

Aries’ best friend: Sagittarius



Generous, protective, loyal, Taurus behaves more like a parent than like a friend. A Taurus is the friend willing to watch over you all night when you have the flu, without fear that she will get sick too, they are the friend who runs to get you some food when you ask him and if you are in need, your comfort is above their comfort.

Taurus’ best friend: Pisces



Temperamental and impatient, a Gemini prefers to have more friends, people who do not demand too much of his emotional resources, instead of a single best friend with whom to share intimacy. That doesn’t mean he’ll let you down - though, don’t overwhelm him with your problems.

Gemini’s best friend: Aries



Cancer chooses friends only from people he feels he has many things in common with, who admire him and who are willing to endure his moody nature. You have to like him as he is, but be careful, back you will not receive the same treatment: if he feels that you two are no longer on the same page, you lose his friendship.

Cancer’s best friend: Scorpio



You’ll have a hard time gaining his trust, but once you do, you end up with a lifelong friend. A Leo has many friends from childhood, from school, college, but also from work, because he does not lose anyone on the road. He’s the kind of person who just calls you to ask you if you are ok, not just when he needs you, and demands the same loyalty.

Leo’s best friend: Leo



Don’t expect her to talk to a Virgo about your sex life, or ask her to advise you whether to marry X or not. Independent and lonely beings, Virgos believe that every human being must own their decisions without making too much drama. When there are issues of life or death, you can count on their help, though.

Virgo’s best friend: Virgo



You can confess anything to a Libra and you’ll get possible solutions to your problems. This sign has the talent of a psychologist, and those they consider good friends will benefit fully from this talent. That’s the good part. The bad part is that Libra is not able to have unpretentious discussions, not to go into the finest details. And that can get tiring.

Libra’s best friend: Capricorn



He hardly lets his guard down, but when he finally does it, you can’t get rid of him anymore. He’s the friend who calls you all day with a thousand ideas of having fun and vacation plans. But if you understand his obsessive nature and unbridled lust for crap, you’ll have a great time together. Scorpio likes to argue just to have someone to make up with.

Scorpio’s best friend: Aquarius



He’s the kind of friend who encourages and supports you in tense situations, but can’t stand jealousy and possessiveness. With him, things have to be simple: you give him pleasant moments, he gives you the same thing. No dramas, reproaches, midnight calls. But if you have an exam, it helps you study, if you ask him for money, he’ll borrow you.

Sagittarius’ best friend: Gemini



The introverted Capricorn has so many buddies, but just a few true friends. As much as he is willing to give help and trust, he finds it difficult to enjoy these gifts from those who offer them to him. Capricorn needs you to gain his trust not to help you, but to let himself be helped. Not to give advice, but to receive it and believe in it.

Capricorn’s best friend: Libra



He is spontaneous and needs people around him who are just as energetic and can keep up with him. He is the ideal kind of holiday friend: adaptable in any group situation, no taboos or rigid opinions to drive others crazy. His dynamic nature doesn’t seem to give you the impression that you could talk to him very seriously. But try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Aquarius’ best friend: Sagittarius



They tends to suffer twice: both for themselves and for the friend who has a problem. They get totally involved when they are asked for help – they can easily walk in the other person’s shoes and feel what they feel. Empathy makes Pisces reliable friends, but also the target of energetic vampires, of people who are not looking for friends, but ears to listen to them. If you care about them, share with them your joys, not just your troubles.

Pisces best friend: Taurus


What kind of friend are you, depending on your zodiac sign