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November Symbols

November Symbols

20 November 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Because we are in November, I propose a foray into the baggage of symbols with which, depending on our personal options, affinities or training, we can work on our personal development.

There is a mystical connection between November and the number 11, a master number in numerology, but perhaps fewer of you know that the etymology of the word comes from the Latin Novembris mensis, the ninth month. From a metaphysical point of view, the number 11 represents the powers of the great magician of the earth and brings us opportunities to regenerate the vital force and invigorate our social relationships. It is no coincidence that, in numerology, the power days of the month are represented by November 11, 20, 22 and 28.
Spiritually, November is the sacred warrior and acts as a mirror to remind us that we are fighting the real battles with ourselves. It is a month in which we are recommended to realign, to refocus and to regain our inner strength. It’s as if a personal protection is activated this month, because the number 11 does not allow us to look back and deny what is happening. In November, action and awareness are the key words.
In mid-November, a Japanese tradition celebrates children aged 3, 5 and 7 - dressed for the holiday, they are taken to temples, are blessed, even receive cakes and then return home where they receive new clothes, clothes that symbolize new responsibilities. Bigger responsabilities, but also the increase of their social status. Changing clothes is for them a symbol of deepening self-knowledge and recognizing that time inevitably brings change.
Hestia was the goddess who represented the force that bound the family and the community, the first and last drop of wine at any party or celebration were dedicated to her. In November, the ancient Greeks gathered to symbolically celebrate the power of home, family, and friends. Perhaps this month we feel more strongly the lack of certain ties or belonging to a community, a good time to invoke Hestia or remember that the true community is formed not only by blood ties, but also by shared values ​​and ideals.
November, a month in which we seek and find our inner strength.


November Symbols