Sleep more for a longer healthier life!

Sleep more for a longer healthier life!

22 June 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

If we fail to fall asleep even after we counted a hundred sheep or if we consider ourselves lucky for sleeping 4 hours per night, we must take action!

Studies have shown that sleep stimulates the cells’ production of insulating material called myelin, which serves to protect brain circuits. During deep sleep, growth hormone is secreted in children and young adults, and a long and uninterrupted sleep preserves your youth and your emotional balance.

The main rules for a light and long enough sleep

In addition to avoiding caffeine consumption in the evening, here are some other tips to put you to sleep for at least seven hours a night!

1. Avoid protein-rich dinners! Protein converts to dopamine and keeps the brain active, delaying sleep onset.

2. Avoid very hot showers in the evening and choose, instead, a warm bath in which you dripped lavender essential oil that relaxes the senses, induces a state of calm and is a reliable ally of good sleep.

3. Do not work out late at night, because you’ll feel over-energized. Try to exercise at least 4-5 hours before the usual bedtime.

4. Keep away from the bed in which you sleep the gadgets that remain permanently plugged in, such as the TV, computer etc. And by no means do you fall asleep with your cell phone on the nightstand. All of these devices have electromagnetic fields that affect sleep.

5. Don’t overeat sweets late at night, because sugar gives you energy and you’ll get a beautiful insomnia!

6. Warm milk sweetened with a little honey or a cup of linden tea have the gift of tempting the sleep fairy!

7. Avoid spices and high-fat foods at dinner, because they can cause heartburns during the night and, implicitly, will drive away your sleep.


Sleep more for a longer healthier life!