Renew your inner self this spring!

Renew your inner self this spring!

6 April 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Beautiful gestures have a domino effect. They also attract other beautiful gestures, and even a spring smile can change a person’s day for the better, sometimes even life.

It’s still a pandemic, some of us are going through hard times, many people need help, and a united community can make the difference between life and death for someone. Let’s ask our elderly neighbors if we can do anything for them. Or we can leave our phone number to a single person and make sure they can call us when they run into a problem.

They can be more scared than us, especially in this difficult time. Why don’t we knock on their door? Some people lack a good word, an encouragement, they want to feel that they are not completely alone and someone can be there for them when needed.

We can help them with shopping, paying bills or cleaning their house. Some of us, even many years younger than them, have gone through times when it was difficult for us to look after ourselves. Let’s think that maybe there are people next to us who face this every day.

Think of them as your grandparents, as dear ones for whom you would do anything to know them happy! The smile of gratitude with which such a person can reward your gesture is invaluable!

Besides, if we can’t do good, at least let’s not do harm! Thus, we could be a little more understanding with neighbors who have small children, with those who have animals or bother us with noise. A little empathy and tolerance would help us all live together in harmony.

Empathy and compassion are two of the purest feelings that can move mountains. You may feel that your gesture means nothing, but a good deed never goes unpaid. The universe has its own system of balancing everything. So be sure that you will receive help, in turn, when you expect less, at the expense of a moment when you offer a shoulder to someone in need.

A compliment to a neighbor can change his mood! In turn, he goes to work happy and behaves nicely with his colleagues. If he works with the public, he will be kinder to those he comes in contact with. And so on. The domino effect for the soul, remember?

Goodness is learned and has to be practiced every day, as in sports. Or like playing an instrument. The more we practice, the easier it will be for us to be better with ourselves and others. In the end, everything will come naturally and beautiful gestures are contagious: our children will learn them by imitation!


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