Choosing the right gifts for this summer events

Choosing the right gifts for this summer events

23 July 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Weddings, baptisms, anniversaries ... summers are full of beautiful events to which we want to contribute with appropriate gifts. But what to choose from the multitude of offers?

A first suggestion would be to try to find out as much as possible about the people you want to give something to. The most uninspired gifts are the impersonal ones, chosen in a hurry, just to check this task. So, a little research would not be a bad idea: if the person is not very close to you, you can use their social media accounts or mutual friends to find out what they would like, what their tastes are in terms of cosmetics, clothing, jewelry or decorative objects.

Gifts for two

When you are invited to a wedding, even if you know only the bride or the groom, the gift is better to address the couple, not just the half you know. An elegant object for the house, a painting, a unisex set of precious cosmetics, a reservation at a spa - these would be some ideas to consider. If you are close to the couple, it is not inappropriate to ask them what they would like and to give them something they really want and it will be useful to them.

Not very expensive, but not too cheap

The gift chosen on the occasion of an important event should not put you in debt, but neither should it be trivial. Avoid very extravagant gestures - a very expensive gift can have the opposite effect than expected, it can be embarrassing and overwhelming for a family of simple people, for example. It is best to adjust the value of the gift to your budget, but also to the lifestyle of the recipients.

Give from the heart, for the soul

The gift with which you could never go wrong is the one made from the soul and in which you slip something of your personality and the emotion of the person to whom it is addressed. A video montage with special / funny moments from the life of future brides or new parents, an old school photo album in which to gather pictures dear to the celebrant or even a speech in which to express your feelings can be invaluable gift ideas, of which everyone will fondly remember them in years to come.


Choosing the right gifts for this summer events