My 2021 summer hair is my best ever?

My 2021 summer hair is my best ever?

20 July 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Beautiful hair is due to good genes and good long-term haircare, with products adapted to its needs. Here΄s what you can do to make your hair look great in all your 2021 holiday photos!

My 2021 summer hair is my best ever?

We all know that beautiful hair is healthy hair and vice versa. Lack of shine, brittle tips, scalp skin that goes oily faster than normal or other discomforts sometimes occur due to an inappropriate hair care routine.

So, for even more beautiful hair, especially during the heat, you could: 

... not wash it with hot water, because this habit dries the hair and makes it shine! The high water temperature will remove all the natural oils your hair needs to be protected and will encourage excessive sebum production.

... avoid drying it with the hairdryer as much as possible, because it dries it far too much! You can choose a dryer with an ionization function because the hair dries faster. In the end, the hair looks smooth and shiny, without being electrified.

... use a scalp scrub, because it offers a gentle exfoliation, rebalancing and revitalizing the skin. The Dead Sea salts contained in the hair scrub stimulate peripheral circulation, thus encouraging cell regeneration, to restore strength and shine to the hair.

... consume biotin, because it stimulates hair and nail growth, having a beneficial effect on the skin.

... choose the right shampoo for your hair! If you wash your hair daily, opt for a Low Shampoo or that shampoo-cream, which washes your hair in one simple step. It has the texture of a conditioner but has gentle cleansing properties. Without a foaming formula to protect the hair fiber, it easily removes impurities without drying and damaging the hair.

... apply a hair oil! If you want to avoid the slightly greasy texture of the hair after applying the oil or you have greasy hair, you can opt for a hair serum, with fast absorption, that restores the lipid layer and prevents breakage and frizzing, offering the hair a beautiful glow from the first application.

... eat foods that are good for your hair: banana, because it has vitamin B, ideal for hair; spinach, because it has a lot of vitamin C, beneficial for fragile and volumeless hair; carrot, which, due to beta-carotene, stimulates hair growth and prevents it from breaking.

... not put perfume on your hair! Better choose a special scented spray to refresh your hair, with a low percentage of alcohol and enriched with nourishing Jojoba extract, which protects against external aggressions and prevents drying, electrification, and degradation of the tips.


My 2021 summer hair is my best ever?
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