Summer sale- smart choices- guide to choose stuff you’ll keep for long

Summer sale- smart choices- guide to choose stuff you’ll keep for long

26 August 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Summer sale- smart choices- guide to choose stuff you’ll keep for long

During the sales period, we are tempted to buy more than we need, and then we find that the closet is full of clothes that never get used and products that do not satisfy us...

Compulsive shopping is that urge to buy everything, whether you like it or need it, or not, just because it’s on sale. That price marked in red on clothing tags can be a real wallet trap!

If you still want to take advantage of the summer discount period, you can use some helpful tricks. So:

Always choose the product in the largest version because it has the best quantity-price ratio.

Test new products. Take advantage of the big discounts and try other cosmetics, eyeshadows, perfumes, clothes or decorations. Step out of your comfort zone a bit and choose clothes (if they are at a very good price) different from what you have in your closet. For example, if you’ve never worn high-waisted jeans or a mid-length dress or shorts, give it a try and see how you feel in these clothes.

Buy gifts for upcoming events. The summer sales are a good opportunity to tick off some gifts for the upcoming holiday season. No one will say no to a stylish set of good quality cosmetics!

Pay attention to the expiration date! If you still found products at good prices and want to stock up, such as cleaning products, check the expiration date and choose the ones that expire the latest.

You can plan your vacation in advance, if you have found offers at tempting prices! Check the agencies’ proposals, make a comparison and see which offers you the best option for an early booking.

Regardless of the price, only buy products that you really like! While you may be tempted to put all the discounted clothes in the shopping cart, thinking that maybe someday they’ll find their turn into your outfits, maybe it’s better to think about whether you really like something or are buying it just because it is cheaper. If you have clothes waiting for a long time in the closet, with tags on them, they are clear evidence that they were chosen only for the sake of price. If you add up all these discounted prices on unworn clothes, you’ll see that the amount spent is not negligible at all - so invest in things that bring you real joy, beyond the tempting red number on the label.


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