Why is the sun our friend?

Why is the sun our friend?

14 August 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

In recent years, we gave up on him, we scolded him with our finger soaked in SPF 50, we looked at him as the biggest enemy! And yet, why is the sun our friend?

However, it is not to our advantage to be ungrateful and forget all the good done by the sun. At a time when ultraviolet light and infrared did not have teeth as sharp as they do today, a wise saying was: „In the house where the sun does not enter, the doctor enters.“ This is still true.


The ten minute rule

Doctors claim that ten minutes of direct exposure to the sun’s rays (so not sitting under an umbrella or in a room where the sun penetrates only through the window) are enough for the king of the galaxy to help the human body function properly. Anything beyond this period of exposure, especially if it occurs without adequate protection, is at our own risk. Total deprivation of the sun is obviously not healthy. Here’s why:


  • The sun is the only stimulus for the production of vitamin D in the body. This vitamin determines the correct metabolism of calcium, increases bone strength, prevents osteoporosis and the installation of cancerous tumors and beneficially influences the activity of the kidneys.
  • The immune system is also strengthened by non-abusive sun exposure. Take frequent walks in the open air, in the park, where the sunny areas alternate pleasantly with the shady ones, thus avoiding the thermal discomfort and the heatstroke.
  • The sun kills germs (hence the proverb at the beginning of this text), prevents infections, reduces joint pain and increases their mobility.
  • Tailor-made exposure on the beach soothes genital diseases, especially those located in the uterus.
  • Psoriasis patients benefit intensely from the sun exposure of the areas affected by the disease, the lesions being significantly reduced and the frequency of their occurrence decreasing in the warmest season.
  • Sunny days improve the mental state. Studies have shown that in the Nordic countries, deprived for months of sunshine, there are many more cases of depression and suicide than in warm countries, even if living standards are high.


Here are some other benefits of proper sun exposure:

  • Intensifies blood circulation
  • Makes breathing deeper
  • Stimulates the pancreas, salivary glands, adrenal glands and pituitary gland.
  • Prevents rickets in children, manifested by deforming long bones (forearms, legs, ribs) and slowing growth.


Why is the sun our friend?