How do you choose the best sun glasses

How do you choose the best sun glasses

17 July 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Beyond being true style statements, sunglasses offer visual comfort in bright light conditions and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is good to choose them taking into account the quality of the lenses and then the model of the frames.

Repeated exposure of the eyes to strong sunlight can, over time, lead to impaired vision, cataracts and even retinal damage. That is why, especially in summer, as we do not leave the house without applying a sunscreen, we must have a pair of good quality sunglasses with us, which will protect our eyes effectively.

Here are the main qualities of an effective pair of sunglasses:

  • Blocks UVB and UVA radiation (99% -100%)
  • Reflects light 70-90%
  • They have lenses that allow clear color recognition
  • Does not distort. To check this quality, do the following test: fix your gaze on a vertical line and move your head back and forth. If there are any traces of distortion, the lenses are not optically safe.

Polarized lenses, considered a kind of guarantee of good quality sunglasses, reduce the blinding effect by filtering the light reflected from shiny surfaces, like water or mirrors, but be careful, they do not automatically protect you of UVA-UVB rays! Check the label to make sure that the product you choose also offers sun protection!

The best sunglasses have a lens large enough to cover your eyes and are the ones that fit you perfectly, without being too wide, too heavy or too tight.

Careful! Even the most expensive sunglasses do not sufficiently protect your eyes from strong sources of light, such as a solar lamp, welding machines or when looking directly at the sun, as in the case of eclipses. Make sure that in these conditions you wear special glasses, with protection dedicated to certain activities.


How do you choose the best sun glasses