7 ideas to surprise your Valentine

7 ideas to surprise your Valentine

11 February 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Love deserves to be celebrated every day, but isn΄t it wonderful that love has its special holiday, in which you can make beautiful surprises for our half?

Here’s how to prepare for Valentine’s Day to make your loved one feel even more ... loved!

Remind him of your first date

What could be more romantic than to remember together what the first glances were like, the first kiss and to go back to the moment when you first felt butterflies in your stomach. It would be a good idea to go to the same restaurant you went to the first time and maybe order the same food as then.

 Get him to the city of his dreams

If you know that your Valentine really wants to visit a certain city, surprise him on February 14 with an invitation to go there. Book a city break in his favorite place in the country or abroad and be convinced that the joy in his eyes will be the most beautiful gift he will give you!

Pamper him with a special gift

It could be a set of his favorite cosmetics or maybe new ones, which you discovered and you would like him to try as well. An after-shave, a shower oil with masculine, strong essences or a perfume in the notes he adores will surely make him happy! You can choose a travel size set, if you decided to go on a city break!

 Write him a love note

You can surprise your boyfriend by writing him a love note, in which you tell him exactly how you feel about him. Especially if you’re not a person who easily expresses their feelings ... orally. Valentine’s Day can be a great time to put some thoughts or even heartfelt verses on a piece of paper.

Make a collage of memories

Collect photos and videos with you and your friends from your travels (here, social media accounts will be very helpful) and create an emotional film, a journey among the most beautiful memories of you two. If you can’t handle the technical part, turn to a friend who is good at photo / video editing.

Prepare a romantic dinner

It may be easier to make a reservation at a restaurant, but a dinner prepared by you with love will be much more valuable in his eyes. It would be great to cook his favorite dish and spend a dreamy evening at home, by candlelight, with your favorite music in the background.


And if your boyfriend is just your boyfriend, not your husband, and you want to spend your whole life with him and the feeling is mutual, but he does not have the courage to take the decisive step, dare to put THE BIG question! “Will you be my...?”

 This way you will for sure have an absolutely memorable Valentine’s Day!


7 ideas to surprise your Valentine