The guide to travel light - necessary vs unnecessary stuff!

The guide to travel light - necessary vs unnecessary stuff!

2 August 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The guide to travel light - necessary vs unnecessary stuff!

The greater the impatience to go on a trip, the more exhausting and unpleasant is the “Baggage“ step. It involves focus and organization, especially if you have a limit in this regard or have decided to travel light.

Yes, packing for a trip is a real challenge for those who are used to going on holiday like a snail, with the whole house behind them. Of course, at the end of your stay you always find that you have not used a quarter of the clothes you took with you and again you aim to be more selective next time.

Well, let’s see how this can be done:

Make a list

You may be tired of lists, you do this every day at work, but it is important to write down on a piece of paper what you want to take with you on vacation, so that you do not put in your suitcase, chaotically, everything that comes to hand. See what the weather will be like at your destination, think about what activities you will do and try to draw about what you will wear every day.

Make up outfits for days

During the holidays we like to be spontaneous, but if you want to have a small luggage, it is good to think about outfits for every day. Thus, you avoid assigning five dresses to one day and four pairs of jeans to another, clothes that you will not be able to wear anyway.

Roll the clothes

Yes, don’t pack them like in the closet, just roll them. You will see that it takes up less space in the luggage. Save space and, at the same time, avoid unpleasant creases resulting from the folding.

Buy on the spot

If you won’t stay a month on a desert island, maybe it’s better to leave at home what you don’t necessarily need and you know you could find there too. This can even include beach towels, slippers or beach toys. You will definitely find it there and they are not a fortune. You will find that buying on the spot some things that you can then give to someone costs less than paying for a larger checked baggage.

Choose mini!

In general, cosmetics also occupy a large and important place in holiday luggage, but for it to be only important and not large, choose travel size products!

Everything you need, from shampoo to hand creams, deodorants or body and beach lotions, you can find today in the mini version. Be careful, because they are still small, you tend to put three body creams, four shampoos and two hair masks in your luggage. Limit yourself to one, two of each, especially if you only leave for a few days!


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