The ultimate spring cleaning - what Marie Kondo teaches us!

The ultimate spring cleaning - what Marie Kondo teaches us!

8 April 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The Japanese Marie Kondo has made a real art of putting things in order, and her efficient storage methods have become a global phenomenon.

If you are scared of spring cleaning, the idea of ​​replacing winter clothes and shoes with spring ones, or tidying up your closets, here are some tips from Marie Kondo.

Sort: throw, donate, keep

Marie Kondo starts with the clothes, then with the books, the documents folders, then with the things of various uses, such as those in the bathroom or kitchen, and at the end she manages the ones with sentimental value.

You probably don’t need all the things that suffocate your closets either, but every time you find a reason to let them sleep in the closet. They have, maybe, a sentimental value, you associate them with various pleasant events and you always say that you’ll wear them again one day. Marie Kondo thinks that if a year has passed over one item without being missed, better say goodbye to it!

Thus, carefully sort all the clothes and shoes, check what you haven’t worn for a long time and try to imagine yourself dressed with that thing. If it doesn’t give you a good feeling, put it aside! Surely other people need it more!

Sorting and donating / throwing out are also valid for cosmetics and in the kitchen area. Say goodbye to chipped dishes and kitchen tools that have not been in operation for years, but are waiting in vain in drawers for a day when they will be repaired.

You will probably find small useless things on the desk, on the nightstand, in the drawers, in the boxes left on the balcony. Put in a recycling bag everything that suffocates your home and ... goodbye!

Fold the clothes vertically

Marie Kondo proposes folding and storing clothes vertically, a perfect method for drawers, because this way you can see all the clothes at a gaze and they are easier to be removed from there. Even towels, socks, and underwear can be folded this way. You will see them and pull them out of the drawer more easily, without having to make a mess to get to the shirt at the bottom of the stack.

Put everything in its proper place

The Marie Kondo method proposes you to decide a place that will be the home of each sub-category of objects. For example: socks only in one specific drawer, T-shirts in another drawer and so on. When it comes to toys, same: the dolls in their box, the skill games in their box. And even the cosmetics need a place of their own. This way, we will always know where to find what we need!


The ultimate spring cleaning - what Marie Kondo teaches us!