All you need to know about Vitamin D

All you need to know about Vitamin D

30 July 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

In the last year, we’ve heard a lot of discussions about vitamin D! Doctors claim that this vitamin is essential for a strong immune system, able to resist COVID-19 infection or other types of viruses.

Specialists recommend exposure to natural light, outdoor walks and exercise, vitamin D, food rich in fruits and vegetables, time for hobbies and meetings with friends for a strong immune system, and, implicitly, good health.

Why is vitamin D so important

The sun’s vitamin can reach the body through food or can form on the skin after proper exposure to sunlight.

• Vitamin D is that vitamin that helps to better absorb calcium and phosphorus, having a major role in bone remodeling and maintaining normal muscle function.

• Vitamin D reduces the risk of colds and flu and protects against respiratory diseases.

• Vitamin D supports the health of the cardiovascular system, being essential in the prevention of heart attack and other heart diseases.

• Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in combating depression.

A few minutes a day - 30 a week - of sun exposure are enough to produce the optimal amount of vitamin D. Or we can supplement the necessary by diet.


In the first ten minutes on the beach, you can expose yourself without sunscreen, to allow the body to synthesize vitamin D and only then apply the SPF cream. Sunscreens can prevent the production of vitamin D.

Foods rich in vitamin D

Foods high in vitamin D include fatty fish and fish oil, oysters, shrimp, egg yolk, beef liver, mushrooms and fortified milk.

Vitamin D is also one of the ingredients in cosmetics for dehydrated skin and results in a younger, smoother and much firmer complexion.


All you need to know about Vitamin D