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Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For A Beautiful Bride

Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For A Beautiful Bride

24 May 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

A few cosmetic treatments checked before The Big Day can make the difference between an ordinary wedding and a dream one, with a gorgeous, happy bride, who smiles like a queen in all the photos.

On the wedding day, all eyes are on the bride, so the pressure on her shoulders is not easy to carry, especially if she feels uncomfortable... in her skin. Accumulated fatigue with preparations, sleepless nights, stress, emotions can ruin a bride’s day ...

The accumulation of tension on the face of the future bride will not be erased even by makeup, and dark circles and deepening of wrinkles after applying the thick layer of foundation would be a real disaster.

So, future bride to be, instead of treating, better to prevent!

It is very important to use products with high sun protection at least six months before the wedding and to avoid sun exposure as much as possible in the week before the big event, so that you do not have to cover up sun spots or unsightly bronze marks.

How long before the wedding you have to resort to cosmetic treatment

Depending on what you want for your skin or has been recommended by your specialist, set the time for the right cosmetic treatment. You wouldn’t want your skin to show blackheads, "vampire therapy" bites, botox, or unsightly bumps on your wedding morning, would you?

So, at least six months before the wedding (even a year is recommended!), pay a visit to your dermatologist or specialist who will take care of your skin, and ask for advice. Invasive interventions are no longer recommended three months in advance, as they may leave traces in the longer term. In less than three months you can apply moisturizing masks and do not try new cosmetics - stick to the well-known routine that your skin is used to!

What cosmetic procedures are safe right before the wedding

The first step in obtaining a flawless complexion is to cleanse the skin, through cosmetic treatments adapted to your needs that aim to remove makeup residues from the depth of the epidermis. This is followed by exfoliation, a basic treatment for healthy skin that removes dead cells and cleanses pores.

If your skin needs more serious adjustments, at least a month before wedding you can try smoothing fine lines or wrinkles with botox, regaining facial volume or blurring dark circles with hyaluronic acid, chemical peels (to fade pigment spots and acne scars), Mesotherapy - which works complete rejuvenation by injecting nutrients deep into the skin or Dermapen - recommended procedure when you have dilated pores and skin devoid of tone and elasticity.

Before the wedding day, do not use peels, do not exfoliate or extract! Soothes the skin with a water-based mask, which has been kept in the fridge before, apply serums and light lotions that do not load the skin. Then let the make-up artist take care of your final look!


Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips For A Beautiful Bride
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