Keep your skin in top shape through the dry winter

Keep your skin in top shape through the dry winter

11 January 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

In winter, the skin becomes even more sensitive, and the consequences of an incorrect care routine mean dry, dull skin, lack of brightness. Let΄s see what we can do!

"Winter is not like summer" even when it comes to skin care routine! With one exception: the sun protection factor! It should be applied in winter, especially if it is snowing, because the skin can burn just like at the beach.

The skin suffers enormously because of the wind and the cold, but also because of the heated air from home or office and from the sudden transitions from hot to cold and vice versa. Even the hot baths that many of us prefer during this period are not good for the skin.

Hydration and hydration again

In cold winter it is recommended to use a day and night rich cream to moisturize your skin. Also, opt for serums and hydrating masks that help soothe the skin and rejuvenate cells.

It would be advisable to use a foundation with moisturizing properties, not a mattifying one, especially if you have dry skin. The creamy foundation will give your skin the extra hydration it needs in the cold days.

Dermatologists advise us to give up alcohol cosmetics, especially in winter. They dry the skin excessively, give us the feeling of tightening skin and increase the degree of discomfort.

Your lips also need extra-protection! Apply moisturizing lip balm in the evening before going to bed!

Hands - the most exposed to the cold!

The skin on our hands suffers even more from the cold of winter than the face because we wash our hands very often and use alcohol disinfectants. So make sure you always have an intensely moisturizing hand cream in your bag or on your desk!

Pampering and body care

Do not neglect the skin on the body, even if in the winter it is covered by thick clothes and seems to be protected that way! Use intensely moisturizing shower oils and apply a nourishing body cream after each bath or shower.

It is important to hydrate yourself from the inside by consuming at least eight glasses of water each day. Eat soups, drink tea, fruit juices, give up fizzy& sugary drinks and choose fruit instead of cookies. You will see the changes for the better right on your skin!


Menține-ți pielea în cea mai bună formă pe timp de iarnă!
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