Wish List 2021 – For Mind and Soul

Wish List 2021 – For Mind and Soul

15 January 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Because we are at the beginning of January, what wishes did you put on the list for this year?

This thing named “desire” can be very capricious. On the one hand, we can easily confuse “desire”, a state that drives us to act, with “need”, which is essential and which must be satisfied at any cost. Genuine needs support the development and survival of the individual. In terms of needs, we don’t have room for negotiation, the Ego doesn’t have much to say here…

But with the wishes, the game changes a bit. Here, the Ego has room for maneuver, because one can live very well with unsatisfied desires, if they know what to do with their energy. But here “the goal” also enters the scene, often confused with desire. The goal is verbalization, as specific and realistic as possible, which puts the desire in terms of action.

Okay, okay, an experienced coach would say, so what’s up with the wishes?

Imagine you are about to take action, go out for coffee with friends, make a gift or do some workout at home: where the energy that makes you act comes from? Here you are approaching desire...

If you haven’t made a wish list for this year, maybe the idea that they are the impetus for our actions and behaviors in general will inspire you to formulate them, give yourself a few minutes, and ask yourself - what do I really want? The goals of the current year may become clearer and the actions to achieve them may align with the deep desires of your soul. And then, perhaps, the state of peace will set in faster. Or maybe you will have an anchor with which to return to calm when the unfriendly contexts will shake your ship with strong winds.

Please make an imagination exercise: If today, now, you meet the goldfish, the spirit of the lamp or the magician who owes you the fulfillment of three wishes, what do you ask? Great, did you write your wishes? So what is the fourth wish?...

Go further, be bold and associate realistic, objective desires with concrete actions. Visualize the wishes as being fulfilled. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?


Wish List 2021 – For Mind and Soul