30 minutes as a gift for your body

30 minutes as a gift for your body

26 January 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

What about turning turn your bathroom into a majestic home spa? With our ideas you’ll get the the results of a spa treatment in 30 minutes and you’ll feel a-ma-zing!

If we could make a dream come true, we would spend every day at the spa. But since we live in reality, we decided to get real and think about practical ideas of how to bring the spa home.
Follow these beauty tricks and enjoy face and body skin that are clean, moist, purified and well cared for!

Suitable for: people willing and able to put in the time and have patience to cultivate head to toe.

What to do: begin with a body scrub based on salts and then continue with a mud mask spread on entire body skin. The mask is enriched with salts, plants and minerals that sooth the skin, stimulate circulation, soften skin texture and regenerate the cells. Spread until the mud dries up completely and then remove with warm water.

While the mud mask dries apply a face mask that is enriched with sea salts (from the Dead Sea of course), natural polishing granules that remove the dead cells and cleanse the skin well, so that after you remove it from the face, soft skin is revealed, clear and radiant-looking and ultra-soft to the touch.

Just before coming out of the bath (or shower) use a pleasurable oil soap that adds moisture essential to the skin and makes the skin radiant and fresh.

Complete our home spa applying all over your body a lotion enriched with minerals, oils and plants that grow only on the shores of the Dead Sea, with the addition of natural butters and aloe vera that sooth and nurture the skin. Don’t neglect the face and, after cleaning it with a preparation suitable for your skin type, pamper it with a rich face moisturizer, enriched with butters and oils that raise the skin’s natural moisture level and immediately creates a sense of freshness and vitality.


After the spa session, relax and do something for your soul – read a good book, watch a movie, play with your pet or cuddle with your partner!


30 minutes as a gift for your body
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