Attention! Starting the 1st of January 2022, the AFI Palace Controceni Sabon store will be closed for renovation. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Everything you can imagine

It’s that special time of year when horizons expand, monochrome blooms into vibrant colors, and the magic begins.

This holiday season at SABON, anything you dream of, everything you imagine, can come true...

Every year, deep in the heart of winter, something incredible happens. Color. Laughter. Singing. Lights. Long dark nights are suddenly transformed into a season of smiles and sparkles, as joy fills the air and streets are filled with festive celebrations.

Inspired by the bold optimism and boundless imagination of the Swinging Sixties, that iconic time when fun and freedom reigned, SABON presents a holiday collection where everything is possible.

Embrace your creativity among a world of gifts without rules or restrictions. Now the only limits are everything you can imagine when you delight those closest to you with every GIFT you can imagine, bringing together bold colors, kaleidoscopic patterns, unique fragrances, and endless delights.

Now is the time to join SABON’s imagination revolution and share the holiday magic.

"Golden Delights" - The Collection’s Fragrance

Unwrap this sweet festive fusion to reveal a magical perfume experience.

Inspired by the traditional heartwarming luxuries of the winter holiday season, this harmonious blend combines fresh, zesty clementine with the rich sweetness of chocolate to present an original new fragrance concept where anything and everything is possible.

Spicy citrus top notes are perfectly balanced by an intensely rich chocolate heart accented with sensual jasmine and almond, while refined, silky vanilla adds a warm and comforting finish to an experience of ultimate indulgence.

Top Notes: Lime, Ginger, Clementine | Heart: Almond, Jasmine, Caramel, Chocolate | 
Base Notes: Bourbon Vanilla