The cold, benefits for which he deserves to be loved

The cold, benefits for which he deserves to be loved

15 December 2020 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The cold is a nightmare for those who love summer, but it is worth loving it, when it is in bearable doses, for the generous bouquet of health and beauty benefits.

When you’re cold, you probably don’t think that’s a good sign. Low temperatures make you think of the diseases of the cold season, but there are studies designed to freeze all our prejudices about and that show us that he can do good, not just bad.
Since ancient times, traditional medicine has used the benefits of the cold: even today we put ice on bruises or cold compresses on the forehead, when we have a fever. Sebastian Kneipp, a German scientist, treated his tuberculosis, a deadly disease 200 years ago, by repeated immersions in the almost frozen waters of the Danube.
Cryotherapy, exposing the body for 2-3 minutes to temperatures that drop to -130oC, is a modern cold therapy procedure with beneficial effects on the immune system, skin quality, but also well-being (due to the release of endorphins). But the "good deeds" of the cold do not stop there.


Gets rid of headaches and sadness
The cold soothes the headache more often than many painkillers. When a migraine does not give you peace, avoid artificially heated rooms and at least take your head out for 1-2 minutes without a hat. Then go back to the heat. Repeat 2-3 times until you feel the pain subside. Due to the transition from hot to cold and vice versa, the peripheral circulation is stimulated, and the "bath" of cold air has an anti-inflammatory effect. A few ice cubes on your temples will also help. A short evening walk in the cold will make you see everything in more cheerful shades and sleep like a baby.


Gets rid of the extra pounds
When it is cold outside, the body consumes more calories than in summer to maintain a constant temperature of 36.5-37oC. On this principle works the diet with cold foods - the body, in order to digest them, is forced to bring them to its temperature and thus increases the energy consumed, so the extra pounds decrease. It has also been shown that when you eat colds, the feeling of hunger sets in after a longer time than after ingesting hot foods.


It naturally heals and beautifies the skin
Many skin problems can be solved with the help of low temperatures. In dermatology, the cold is used through liquid nitrogen (at -137oC): the skin texture is much improved, the spots disappear. And you don’t need an anesthetic either, because all the cold fulfills this role as well.
Moderately cold temperatures stimulate blood circulation and make you blush more beautifully than after applying the most expensive make up. So don’t be afraid and expose yourself every day for at least five minutes to the cold outside air, for instant rejuvenation, which costs nothing: bright eyes and cheeks of a healthy, natural pink!


The cold, benefits for which he deserves to be loved