Your kid can be Santa Claus! Teach him to give with the same joy he receives!

Your kid can be Santa Claus! Teach him to give with the same joy he receives!

26 November 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

The children love Santa Claus and all year long they dream of the magical evening in which they will find gifts under the Christmas tree! The pleasure of receiving is enormous, but the little ones can learn early on that giving brings even more satis

For children, Christmas is that happy day for which they prepare months in advance. They make lists, learn poems, do their homework on time, all to make Santa happy and generous.

The charm of our childhood is largely due to the existence of Santa Claus and his long-awaited annual visit. Of course Santa Claus exists, but inevitably, the little ones find out, some earlier, others later, that not all children find gifts under the Christmas tree. That’s why  we can try to give them the most beautiful gift: the lesson of generosity.

So, together with your child/kids, you can create surprises for the less fortunate children. Set up an activity that the whole family can carry out during the holidays and that will come to the aid of the people that Santa Claus avoids, and not because they were not good.

You will be able to see your child delighted that he has brought joy to someone around him. In this way, the little one will learn what the spirit of the winter holidays really means. You can sort with him clothes that he no longer wears or toys and you can then turn them into gifts that other children will enjoy. Pack them nicely, with him, in gift boxes with a red bow, along with greeting cards and Christmas messages written by your little one!

Christmas is a great opportunity to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination!

At the same time, baskets with goodies and gifts are also welcome in the centers for the elderly, abandoned children or homeless people. Many of these centers do not allow volunteers to offer home-cooked dishes, especially in the current context, but you can offer baskets containing small gifts to which the little one also contributed - greeting cards, drawings, maybe a pair of gloves, a crocheted scarf or hat, a decorative blanket or pillow with a special holiday print.

Explain to the little one how difficult it is for some people to enjoy the magic of Christmas and he will understand how much it means for a child without parents to receive as a gift coloring books or toys.

Sometimes, all you have to do is walk through your neighbor’s door to spread the joy of Christmas, and a wonderful gift can be a hot plate of food. Or you can do Xmas shopping with your little one for a neighbor in poor health.

Close relatives or friends can be surprised in this way, at Christmas, with gifts prepared in complicity with the youngest members of the family. They will be especially pleased to be complicit in this secret mission and then to capture the delight on the faces of those who receive the gifts!


Your kid can be Santa Claus! Teach him to give with the same joy he receives!