Increase your daily productivity and get recharged!

Increase your daily productivity and get recharged!

21 September 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Immediately after the holiday, we seem to feel the need for another vacation, for recovery, don’t we? Let’s see where we can feed ourselves with productive energy, to quickly re-enter the rhythm.

During this time, our condition varies between "time seems to slow down" and "I would need a few more hours to finish work for today." So what to do when we feel that our batteries need a quick recharge?

Start the day with a coffee!

Or a black tea, in the case of those who do not have a good relationship with coffee. Caffeine banishes drowsiness, gives us energy, helps us put our thoughts in order, and focus better on what we have to do that day!

A list of priorities is helpful!

Of course, during the day, the morning plan may change, but it is important to have a list of the most important of all the do’s of the day, depending on their urgency, so that we have a starting point and some aspects on to focus our energy and attention.

It is said that a plan made in the evening would be even more effective, but if you do not want to take work from home office, leave the to-do list for the next morning for coffee.

Give up multitasking!

When you have a lot of work and little time or a low dose of energy, you tend to do as many things as possible at the same time, out of the desire to eliminate worries. But multitasking comes with a decrease in attention and poor productivity. You lose focus and sometimes it happens that certain tasks are incompletely solved, and reviewing them then takes another time and, drawing a line at the end, you conclude that it was not a good idea!

The simple solution would be for the time given to a task not to be fragmented, in favor of others that appeared out of the blue. Stick to your original plan!

Don’t forget the eye break!

When you are very busy, you may think that the break for eye relaxation could be a waste of time! Well, it’s not like that and maybe it happened to you at least once that you can’t work anymore, even if you want to, because your eyes are tired and they refuse to support you anymore.

Coffee breaks, lunch, drinking tea with a colleague or talking on the phone with a loved one are very important in a good flow of concentration. However, don’t forget to pause phone notifications, they are a constant source of distraction!

Make your workspace as comfortable as possible!

A tidy desk has proven to be effective in increasing concentration, as well as favorite personal items put under your eyes. Even fresh flowers, if this kind of decoration helps you stay in your comfort zone. And definitely, a comfortable office chair that protects you from back or neck pain! It is very important to feel comfortable, especially since there are days when you’ll work late!


Increase your daily productivity and get recharged!