How volunteering will boost your happiness level

How volunteering will boost your happiness level

29 October 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Happiness is contagious, it is a feeling that multiplies when it is divided into two. Or between several people. Like love. Happiness also gives you wings, just like love. Maybe they are one and the same, after all!

Happiness can be in the hugs of parents, in the warm caresses of grandparents, in the warm soup with which you mother is waiting for you, after a hard day ...

Why not, happiness is when the cat nests in your arms or when the puppy you rescued from the shelter has become soul child who is waiting for you with joy every night wagging his tail, no matter how bad your day was! And then you smile too!

No matter what happiness means to you, you’re right!

Happiness is a very subjective feeling and then all you can do is follow only what makes you happy. No comparisons, no regrets, no self-sabotage.

Happiness is not so hard to achieve, it depends on you how you choose to look at life and what you "educate" your eyes to see.

If you are happy when you volunteer at an animal shelter, do it! Or in a children’s home or in a shelter for homeless people ...

Volunteering makes you understand how happy and lucky we are, say all those who have decided to share their time, energy, even money with people or animals who need help. The happiness of the latter also becomes their own happiness.

You can choose to do shopping for those who can’t do that, you can organize fundraisers for various humanitarian causes, you can donate clothes or food.

You can try to paint a smile on the face of a child in the hospital, you can read him stories, you can sing with him or you can simply offer your presence where he is needed. There are many actions of this kind and where an ounce of happiness is priceless.

The happiness means, for some people, spending more or less of their week with old people that have nobody left. It’s wonderful what happens in the centers for the elderly, how much excitement and joy there is when their offered "grandchildren" appear on their doorstep!

Remember, happiness is an eternal work in progress!


How volunteering will boost your happiness level