Trust in your own beauty!

Trust in your own beauty!

23 February 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Beauty means uniqueness! All the details that differentiate us from other people and that we sometimes consider flawed make us wonderful in our own way.

Why would we want to look like someone else when we have received this wonderful gift of being unique? Of the seven billion people on this planet, absolutely no one has our skin, our eyes, our mouth or our energy. Why not value this more? Many times, the defects of the constitution, that "je ne sait quoi" is what takes us out of anonymity. The Japanese invented in this sense "wabi sabi" or the art of appreciating imperfection, of loving a packaging that does not fit into the classic patterns, the art of seeing the beauty where it seems not to exist.


We don’t have to thank anyone but ourselves. We are our best friend and the harshest critic, but at the end of the day, we have to accept the good and the bad and to embrace ourseleves of "Good night!".


Wouldn’t we be a little happier if, when we don’t like what we see in the mirror, we simply close our eyes and try to see ourselves only with our souls? Let’s re-establish the connection with our interior and bring to light those parts of which we are proud, which we would like the people around us to know. It is in our power to build a comfortable environment between body and soul, to establish a balance between physical imperfection and inner perfection, to try to see ourselves with the eyes of the soul and to love ourselves more!


Treat yourself delicately, gently, with love, like a dear friend, stop rebelling against yourself, stop poisoning your heart and mind with dark thoughts and too much overthinking. Stop looking at your reflection in the mirror as if you had the fiercest enemy in front of your eyes!

Let people fall in love with your soul, but for that you will have to work hard to polish it, because it is not at all easy to have an interior with a perfect make-up!


And one more thing - always look at yourself through the eyes of people who love you!


Trust in your own beauty!
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