Keep the spirit of summer a little bit longer!

Keep the spirit of summer a little bit longer!

3 September 2021 Estimated time: ~2 min.

Those who love summer, the sun, the sea and lemonade on the beach are not very happy that autumn is slowly coming into its own. However, we could extend the energy of summer a little bit more, with a few simple gestures!

Jokingly, we could say that we can keep summer in our hearts if we don’t check our calendar or buy a plane ticket to an exotic destination! The temperatures outside, which start to decrease from one day to the next, give us a reality check and the T-shirts are replaced with comfy sweatshirts.

But what if we keep the cheerful prints we wear all summer for our fall-winter clothes? Usually, in the cold season, the new collections are mostly brown, gray, or black. As if we were guided by an unwritten law of winter clothes that are forbidden to be pink, orange or yellow!

Why only in summer we should wear cheerful dresses, skirts, and T-shirts in vibrant colors and fun prints, and in autumn we replace them with sober browns and dull grays?

You just don’t have to! And to prolong the vibration of summer, a wonderful option would be to keep in the wardrobe the colors that we have enjoyed in the last three months.

Autumn does not mean hibernation

We tend to associate summer with travel, vacations, carefree days, hiking and mornings spent by the sea. But why not do the same in September? It is a month with pleasant temperatures, perfect for hiking, long walks on the beach or for visiting a city left on the waiting list for... other summers.

We can extend the feeling of freedom and relaxation that summer offers us in the first month of autumn through weekend getaways. Even two days at the sea make the longing until next summer easier to bear!

Some tourist destinations are even more comfortable to visit when the heat subsides, and those whose sun is not their best friend can enjoy aerosols and wave sound therapy in early autumn.

On cool autumn evenings, you can light a scented candle or relax in a bath with salts from the Dead Sea, and you will see that autumn is not so unpleasant either!

Or - and this solution might seem the best! - book a getaway in a warm country, from which summer never leaves, and pack your bags!


Keep the spirit of summer a little bit longer!
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