How to be TRULY relaxed during this summer vacation

How to be TRULY relaxed during this summer vacation

10 June 2022 Estimated time: ~2 min.

We all count the days until the holidays, we visualize the moments of total relaxation ... But sometimes we find ourselves facing situations that can ruin our comfort . Here΄s how to avoid them!

For example, perhaps more important than choosing a holiday destination is the choice of travel partners. So, in order not to wake up in a hopeless situation, in which you have to endure, for at least seven days, people with whom you neither have fun nor let yourself relax, decide carefully who you are going on holiday with! 

Choose your companions carefully

Turn your attention to people who are on the same page as you, who want the same things from that destination - whether it’s laying on the beach from dawn to dusk or hiking, shopping or doing photo sessions all day.

To avoid discussions because someone wants on a beach and someone else to go hiking, make a plan from the beginning, so that everyone is aware of each other’s priorities. And you have the courage to state you wishes loudly, even if they do not coincide with those of your travel partners. After all, it’s your vacation too, you have the same right to relax as anyone! 

Respect your passion, your desires, your rhythm!

It is OK to make small compromises, for the sake of your holiday partners, especially if the situation is reciprocal. But don’t go as far as giving up all the museums you were going to visit, for example, because your friends aren’t passionate about art or history.

Divide the time in such a way that everyone ticks off their goals with which they left home, without accumulating frustrations and returning from vacation more stressed than they left.

Don’t forget: whatever you like to do on holiday is exactly what you need to do!

Sleep late, have breakfast at lunchtime, get an ice cream every day, lay on the beach, read, sunbathe, swim or climb the mountain, visit museums, go shopping. Whatever you don’t have time to do at home, you can do now! Don’t put pressure on yourself during the holidays and take the word "must" out of your vocabulary!

Now you have more time for those travel size cosmetics that you love and kept especially for the holidays! Take a relaxing bath, exfoliate your skin, wrap yourself up in the soft aromas of a delicate body milk ... And don’t rush anything! You deserve a little pampering, a little time just for yourself!


How to be TRULY relaxed during this summer vacation