Palm tree oil Soap Clear Dream
Limited Edition
Palm tree oil Soap Clear DreamPalm tree oil Soap Clear Dream

Palm tree oil Soap Clear Dream - 70 g

28.00 lei 70 g
40.00 lei per 100 g
Item code: 10437
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  • Based on palm oil, this body care soap bar deeply moisturizes the skin and restores its natural oils, for a soft, supple feel.

    Palm tree oil is extracted from palm tree fruit and has a moisturizing and renewing effect on the skin, leaving it smooth and perfumed.
  • Sodium Palmale, Sodium Palm Kemelate, Aqua (Water), Glycerine, Palm Acid, Palm Kemal Acid, Sodium Chloride, Terra Sodium EDTA, Exidronic Acid, CI45380.

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