Travel Gift Set Minty Spark
Limited Edition
Travel Gift Set Minty SparkTravel Gift Set Minty Spark
Last chance!

Travel Gift Set Minty Spark

Fit to travel along with you
Thanks to its small size, you could easily take this product along in your business trips, vacations or other journeys.
Unit price 169.00 lei
Item code: 11198S
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  • Heading out to the beach? Grab your ready-packed SABON Cooling Kit, with convenient travel-size editions of the Cooling Shower Oil, Cooling Body Scrub, Cooling Body Gelée, and Cooling Hand Gelée, all presented in the innovative reusable Thermo Pouch to keep every product as cool as you feel.

    Thermo Pouch
    Hand Gelée 30ml
    Body Scrub 60g
    Shower Oil 100ml
    Body Gelée 30ml
Complete your pleasure